Worlds Away Vinyl
Worlds Away Vinyl
Worlds Away Vinyl
Worlds Away Vinyl

Worlds Away Vinyl

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Disclaimer: This Vinyl is late in production and is expected to be at our shop by Wednesday, October 14th. All Vinyl orders will ship out then. This is a one time print and has limited numbers so this is your best way to secure a copy.

You can now own "Worlds Away" on Vinyl! - The 10th Anniversary Album. Entirely on Electric Harp and Strings with Lindsay's voice for an entirely new listening experience!!!

What you get: A double disk Vinyl of “Worlds Away” that includes full color sleeves with the lyrics and song stories. Disks are in translucent Blurple and Magenta with the harp moon engraved on Side D. All artwork illustrated by Russian Artist Anastasia Solti.

Side A
- Worlds Away
- Saviour
- Darkness Falls
- Fading Star

Side B
- Where I Fall
- Dance on The Strings
- Dangerous Game

Side C
- Your Mind
- Masquerade
- Warn Me

Side D:

No Music - Harpmoon Logo Engraving

- Includes Instant Digital Download of the album in zipped MP3* format.
*If you prefer WAV format for your listening experience please contact us at after your purchase with your order number and we will be happy to provide this for you.

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